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Dini is the man to see about a moving truck rental. Sometimes local residents rent a moving truck to move all of their belongings into a storage unit in one trip. Dini can help those folks too.

Coastal North Carolina is unique because many people want to live here, and those who already live here tend to stay. For both types of people, moving is an inevitability in life. 

Whether it’s from twenty miles inland or two blocks down the street, we can help make moving as easy as wiggling your nose.

The amenities you’ll find at Dini’s go beyond premium climate-controlled storage units. When you need a truck, we POOF—and turn into a moving truck rental company.

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How to Rent a Moving Truck from Dini

Renting a moving truck is made easy with Dini. Give us a call at (252) 772-4232 to discuss our rates and reservation availability. We’ll be happy to help you plan for your move by also offering additional moving supplies you may need. To get a better idea of what a Dini truck can store, please consider the following features of our 12-foot moving trucks:

  • Dimensions- 12 feet long, 6 feet wide, 6 feet high
  • Over 430 cubic feet of storage space
  • Not towing compatible
  • Automatic transmission
  • Rear roll-up door
  • Cabin sits 2 people

Dini regularly maintains all trucks to optimize fuel efficiency and reliability. When you rent a moving truck from Dini’s, you know you’re getting a dependable vehicle you can count on to minimize trips and finish your move as quickly as possible.

To inquire about a moving truck rental, call us at (252) 773-4232 or fill out a quick contact form to hear from Dini’s today!

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